About Me

I am a practicing Rootworker and Diviner who just relocated to central Ohio after spending my adult life as a resident of Chicago, Illinois.

I was raised by my maternal grandparents in a small town in northeastern Ohio.

My grandmother was an astrologer who communicated with the dead. When I was growing up, Gede (Vodou spirits of the Dead) always visited members of my family right before someone died.

I also spent vacations in my youth with my paternal grandmother and family in Alabama where I learned of the spirituality, superstitions, and customs of the American south.

I offer my services to clients internationally and help them with spiritual issues using divination and American Folk Magic. I perform Playing Card, Tarot, Lenormand, and Candle divination services.

My magical practice is traditional American Folk Magic. It is a mixture of traditional Black, Native American, and European practices.
I am diverse in my work, and I am comfortable working with clients of all backgrounds/paths/faiths. I am often sought out for readings when clients are at a crossroads in their life and need the spiritual guidance to move ahead in the right direction.

I am a Haitian Vodouisant, and I see Rootwork and Divination as my ministry. My work as a spiritual life coach has changed many lives for better, and this is my mission as a Worker.

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