Big Liz Conjure Large Waters (10 Ounces)
Florida Water

Big Liz Conjure Large Waters (10 Ounces)

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Waters are traditionally used in Conjure for cleansing. Use our waters for their traditional purposes, use them as floor washes, or create a use for them that is all your own! 

Big Liz Waters are not as fragrant as Colognes, but they get the job done, and are preferred by people with scent sensitivities.

They come in 1.7, 5, and 12 ounce sizes (this is the 10 ounce size), and are available in all of our formulations (plus a few more):
  • Ackrite! (Do as I Say)
  • Addle Brained! (Confuse Enemies/Stop Gossip & Lies)
  • Bear's Retrograde Aid (Calm, Clear, & Considerate Communication)
  • (St. Felicia's) Bitch, bye! (Cut & Clear)
  • Bitch, please! (Protection)
  • Booty Call (Lust & Sex)
  • Bring Me Bae! (Come to Me)
  • Bright Eyed! (Clarity & Discernment)
  • Broke No Mo'! (Money & Prosperity)
  • Clapback! (Reversal)
  • Chill Pill (Tranquility & Peace)
  • Ever After (Family, Harmony, & Peace)
  • Extradite Yo' Ass (Banishing)
  • Feelin' Good! (Health and Wellness)
  • Flawless (Crown of Success)
  • Florida Water 
  • Forget Me Not (Memory) 
  • Get Off Yo' Ass! (Stop Procrastination)
  • Grip Sack (Safe Travel) 
  • Hoe No Mo'! (Fidelity/Stop Cheating)
  • In da' Black! (Better Business)
  • Insubordination (Boss Fix)
  • Lavender Water
  • Nose Opener (Attract a Lover)
  • On My Grind! (Find & Keep a Job) 
  • Paige's Baby Blessing (essential oil free herbal bath)
  • Peace Be Still (Peaceful Home)
  • Policy Pimp (Fast Luck & Gambling)
  • Poppin' My Collar! (Confidence & Strength) 
  • Pussy Whipped! (Marital Harmony & Faithfulness)
  • Read Yo Ass for Filth! (Third Eye)
  • Rehab (Break Bad Habits)
  • Rose Water
  • Side Eye (Stop Evil Eye)
  • Scott Free! (Court Case)
  • Shut Thee Entire Fuck Up! (Tapa Boca/Stop Lies and Gossip)
  • Suga' Daddy (Cleo May)
  • Undone (Unhexing/Uncrossing)
  • Wash Over Me (13 Herb Cleansing)
  • Way Maker (Road Opener)

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