Formulation Descriptions & Product Instructions

Ackrite (Do as I Say)

Remember when your mama said she was gonna give you a dose of "Ackrite" if you didn't get yourself together? Often a trip to the backyard for a switch was comin' right behind it!

If your mama was anything like mine, it would not get that far, but this product is not for people like us. This formulation is for the HARDHEADED folks in your life who will not do as you ask them to. As usual, this traditional "Do as I Say" formula has my special touch and spellwork that make it unlike any other that you've used.

Addle Brained! (Confuse Enemies/Stop Gossip & Lies)

When you have an enemy who is running their mouth and telling lies, you need to give them a dose of Addle Brained! My unique blend of herbs, minerals, and roots will cause your gossiping enemies to shut their mouths because they are too confused to keep lying on you!

These working roots are specifically for candle workings, dolls/poppets, foot track magic, and bottle spells. Not recommended for spiritual baths, Gris Gris, or any other form of personal/close to your body protection. (That is unless you want to confuse yourself.) Please use this formulation with discretion.

(St. Felicia’s) Bitch, Bye! (Cut & Clear)

There comes a time to clean out the negative things in your life and bring in the positive! Since you cannot get new blessings by holding on to old hurts, it’s time to cut and clear that shit out yo’ life! Use my “Bitch, bye!” formulation to cleanse negativity and power up your fresh start!

Bitch, Please! (Protection)

Often we face circumstances where we are vulnerable. If you are a Worker (or otherwise open to spiritual attacks), there is no such thing as too much protection! Give your enemies "the hand" with Bitch, Please!

Good common sense, prayer, and this formulation will aid in keeping you safe from harm. Protect yourself with Bitch, please!, conjured up with powerful protection, and watch your walls come up and stay up!

Black Power (Protection & Abundance)

Let’s face it, it’s HARD out here in these streets for People of Color. From police brutality to institutional racism, it makes us feel like the deck is stacked against us from bitch. But, our Hoodoo practicing Ancestors used root magic to connect with their spirits, and this is the reason why we have survived. We’ve made an all-purpose, 23 herb and root formulation that will help you have peace in your home, excel in your endeavors, promote abundance and wealth, assist you with your relationships with others, protect you from the Po-Po, and help you obtain a favorable outcome in legal proceedings. If you are a person of color, by this formulation before you buy anything else. You’ll be glad you did.

Booty Call (Lust & Sex)

Well, they may not be Mr./Ms. Right, but they sure can be Mr./Ms. Right NOW! Use my sexual attraction formulation before you hit the club or bar.

You can even use it when you are running errands to make that special connection in the grocery store! Booty Call is conjured with words that speak to obtaining your sexual desires and satisfying your needs!

Bring Me Bae! (Attract a Long-Term Lover/Mate)

Love is a splendid thing! So many of us want to attract a mate who is in it for the long run. This formulation is for all of us out that seek a stabling loving mate for a long-term relationship.

Only use this formulation if you are looking for a mature, no-drama relationship. Make sure you are specific when you state your petition/intent so you get exactly what you want and need in a mate.

Bright Eyed (Mental Clarity and Focus)

Use our formulation to assist your spirit of discernment. The herbs and roots in this blend are used traditionally to help you clear your head and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Broke No Mo’! (Money & Prosperity)

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Have more ways than means? Then my Money and Prosperity formulation is what you need!  

Use it to unexpected cash flow, increase business, and keep the money rolling in. Each batch is conjured with intentions that focus on prosperity, growing your money, and keeping some in your pocket for a rainy day.

Chill Pill (Tranquility & Peace)

The world is full of stress. Use my Chill Pill formulation to help you relax, relate, and release. Each Chill Pill product is specially formulated with herbs, roots, and oils that promote peace of mind, wearing it closer to your skin will have you calm in no time. It’s been conjured in a peaceful environment to help you get your Zen back.

Clapback! (Reverse a Hex)

Every now and then, someone TRIES it. Use my powerful reversal formula to send all evil thoughts, curses, and negative energy right back to the bastard who sent it to you!

Ever After (Manifest Marriage Proposal)

So many of us are dating someone who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. There is just one problem; that person has not proposed. This product is used for those who are in healthy, mature relationships so that you can take it to the next level.

Extradite Yo’ Ass!

This banishing formula helps you make the undesirable people in your life leave your space. Use it on people who annoy, offend, or hurt you. This formulation contains herbs and roots that are traditionally used to remove people from your life. Send them to infinity and beyond and keep them from interfering in your life!

F.Y.I. (First Love Yourself)

There is an old adage that says, “if you don’t love yourself, you will not be able to love anyone else.” There is a great deal of truth to that. So many of us abuse ourselves, and have such low opinions of ourselves, that a healthy functional relationship seems to be an unattainable goal. This formulation is packed with herbs, roots, and essential oils that will uplift you and help your spirit be open to receive love. Pair it with Heal My Heart and Poppin’ My Collar, and you really have a winning combination!

Family Affair (Family Harmony, Healing & Peace)

Are you having problems with the people in your family? Do you often find yourself asking, "can’t we all just GET ALONG!?!?" Use my family peace, healing, love, and consideration formulation in your spellwork to right wrongs and make your family whole again. Use it in candles, poppets/dolls, sweetening spells, and other spellwork! Packed with 13 powerful herbs and roots used for family love, consideration, peace, healing, and cooperation, these herbs and roots are powerful aides in bringing estranged family members back to the fold.  

Feelin’ Good! (Health and Wellness)

Whether it is our children, significant others, or co-workers, we are constantly exposed to germs that can bring us low. When we get sick, often there is no one to stand in the gap and take our place. Stress induces chronic diseases as well.

Use my Feelin’ Good formulation to improve your health, mind, and spirit! Healing conjure is poured into each batch with the most powerful Hoodoo healing herbs/roots. It is the perfect get well gift for the believer in your life!

Flawless (Crown of Success)

Do you want to succeed in all you do? Do you want to make people “bow down” to your requests? Then try our Flawless formulation! Use this in your spellwork to be successful in your endeavors and gain the respect and admiration of subordinates, peers, and supervisors.

Forget Me Not (Memory Boosting)

This is our special formulation for all of us suffering from C.R.S. (Can’t Remember Shit). The roots and herbs in my Forget Me Not products are known for boosting your memory and strengthening your retention of information. Its conjured with a spell that speaks to the roots to remind you about all you have to do!

Get Off Yo’ Ass! (Stop Procrastination)

This formulation is for all of us who cannot seem to stop procrastinating. It is made from herbs, roots, and oils that will get you off your ass and get you motivated.

Grip Sack (Safe Travel)

With all the uncertainty and dangers we face on the road, rails, and in the air, we all need good luck and protection to get us to our destinations safely. Use my Grip Sack products to ease on down the road and keep it moving safely! Each batch is conjured with a protection spell.

Heal My Heart (Broken Heart)

This is the perfect formulation for those suffering from a broken heart. Let the herbs, roots, and oils sooth you into self-love and peace.

Hoe No Mo! (Fidelity/Stop a Cheater)

Do you suspect that your significant other may be cheating? Do you think that they are being tempted to be unfaithful?

Well, if you still want to deal with a person like that, use this formula that is created to discourage cheating.

Note: You may want to follow up by hexing their asses for thinking about it/doing it in the first place! Just sayin.’)

In da’ Black! (Better Business)

If you are an entrepreneur, then my "In the Black" formulation is what you need. Use it to bring in business to your establishment. Using traditional better business herbs, roots, and oils, combined with my own special touches and conjuring, this formulation draws customers and increases cash flow.

Infinity & Beyond!

This formulation will take you places! Infinity & Beyond is formulated to help you with Astral Projection and prophetic dreams. Take your visions and dreams to the next level with my formulation!

Insubordination (Boss Fix)

Everyone has THAT BOSS at one time or another. Use my Insubordination formulation to make them respect you, give you more money, and give you peace in the workplace. 

No 5-0!

Do you need to keep the law out of your business? Whether you are involved in things that may place you under their radar, or you just want to steer clear of law enforcement, then "No 5-0" is just for you! Use this “keep law away” formulation to reduce encounters with the Po-Po. If you are a person of color, pair this with Black Power for a winning combination.

Nose Opener (Romantic Attraction)

Looking for love? Do you need something that will draw a lover to you? My Nose Opener formulation was created with powerful roots, herbs, and oils specifically for drawing people to you for love.

These roots were specifically researched to get the strongest reaction and the fastest results. Each batch has been conjured with an attraction spell that will have their nose WIDE OPEN!

On My Grind! (Find & Keep a Job)

Every advantage over the competition helps. Use my On My Grind products to help you ROCK your interviews! Every ingredient in this formulation has a history of being the best herbs to help job seekers obtain, and KEEP, employment. Each batch has been conjured with a spell that has stood the test of time.

Paige’s Baby Blessing

This HERB ONLY mixture is used for your baby’s first baths. Gentle herbs and roots that bless and protect infants are the only thing in this formulation. Use it in the baby’s bath, create candle workings, and sprinkle in places like windowsills and thresholds of your home.

Peace Be Still (Peaceful Home)

I’ve added some extra love to this formulation. It is filled with ingredients that promote peace, remove bad energies, help you to sleep, and prevent nightmares. It smells amazing. Depending on whether you buy the roots/herb, powder can use it in workings, sprinkle or spay it on your bed, or use it as a carpet freshener. There are endless feel good uses it!

Policy Pimp! (Fast Luck & Gambling)

Whether you are going to Vegas, the local riverboat casino, or to the gas station to pick up lottery tickets, you'll want to make sure you have Lady Luck with you at all times to score the big win!

This formulation is packed with the herb, roots, and oils that are legendary for providing immediate returns in games of chance. You'll never want to pick up dice again without it!

Poppin’ My Collar! (Confidence & Strength)

Sometimes the world can bring you down, and you need a boost from above to regain your confidence and strength. Each Poppin' My Collar product is created with herbs, roots, and oils whose spirits and properties are known to boost your confidence and help you to become more than a conqueror!

Pussy Whipped! (Marital Harmony & Faithfulness)

Are you and your spouse growing apart? Have you lost the spark that you once had? Or do you have a great relationship you want to make EVEN BETTER?

Wear my Marital Harmony/Faithfulness formula and see a change in your life partner!

The roots, herbs, and oils were specifically chosen for Pussy Whipped because they bring peace, passion, and fidelity to your marriage! Each batch is conjured with a love/desire/consideration spell that speaks a word to stable, long-lasting relationships.

Read Yo’ Ass 4 Filth

Use this psychic power oil to help open your third eye. Other ingredients include herbs and roots traditionally used to make contact with the dead.  In addition to increased insight, it can also help you decipher whether or not your clients are lying and/or full of shit.

Rehab (Break Bad Habits)

Everyone has that one habit they'd like to break. My Rehab products contain herbs, roots, and oils that will help you get that monkey off your back once and for all. Each ingredient has been carefully researched and included because of their proven results. Each batch is conjured with a spell of strength, healing, encouragement, and willpower.

Retrograde Aid (Calm, Clear, & Considerate Communication)

This formulation is a kick ass compilation of roots and herbs to help you maintain calm, clear, insightful communication and ease your nerves.

Sprinkle this shit like fairy dust! You are going to need it for every Mercury Retrograde! (There are more herbs/roots in this than most of my formulations.)

Rise Up! (Anxiety & Depression Relief)

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, it is always best to seek professional help. While working with your mental health professional, use Rise Up! to enhance your treatment. The herbs, roots, and oils are traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat these conditions, and it smells amazing!

Side Eye (Stop Evil Eye)

Someone can wish bad things upon you, and you wouldn’t even know it! If your life is affected by haters, then my Side Eye products (specially designed to fight the Evil Eye) are what you need!

It is the spiritual equivalent of giving all your haters "the hand!" Use it to ward off the evil eye and evil intentions. Each batch is conjured with protective spells to enhance the power of the root.

Scott Free! (Court Case)

Caught a case and need some spiritual assistance? Wear my "Scott Free" products to help you before and during your day in court. Each product is filled with roots, herbs, and oils legendary for their success in court. None of my clients (who were innocent and in the right), have lost a case yet! My Scott Free formulation is conjured with a special blessing for the innocent and justified in all legal matters.

Speak to Me (Significant Other Communication)

Do you feel like you and your lover don’t communicate well anymore? The herbs and roots in this formulation were created to help facilitate peaceful, loving, communication with you and your partner.

Suga’ Daddy (Cleo May – Make Men Pay)

Nothing in this life is free, and you should not be either! Wanna make ‘em pay to play? Use my Suga’ Daddy formulation, based on the traditional Cleo May recipe, with my own special touch and conjuration, to make it rain!!!

Undone (Unhexing, Remove Jinxes)

Sometimes protecting ourselves is not enough! Evil people always try to throw shade or bad juju at you when you are doing well. Sometimes their work leaves a lasting impression and causes havoc and pain in your life. Use our “Undone” formulation, made with traditional jinx removing herbs and roots, to take of that spell work. (It is also suggested to follow up with cleansing (Wash Over Me) and protection work (Bitch, Please!) after any unhexing.

Wash Over Me (13 Herb Cleanser)

Everyone should perform ritual cleansings to remove bad energies and juju. Use our formulation to do just that. This mix is comprised of the strongest cleansing herbs in rootwork. It is also a good idea to start with un-hexing (Undone), and then you should follow up with protection work (Bitch, Please!) after a thorough cleansing.

Watch Over Me! (Ancestor Veneration)

This formulation is made with herbs and roots that will help you connect and communicate with your ancestors. Place it on your ancestor altar, use in in candles, and smudge with it to consecrate and spiritually prepare areas for work.

Way Maker (Road Opener)

There are times in our life when we feel stuck. We are not able to pursue our path because of seen and unseen obstacles. Use my Way Maker products to “make a way out of no way,” and open roads to your destiny! Each batch contains road opening herbs, roots, and oils, and is conjured with a special prayer at the crossroads.


Conjure Colognes (2 ounces)


My Conjure Colognes are another way to perform magic in plain sight! Wear my conjure colognes to produce the desired effect in your life. Not only are they magic, they SMELL FANTASTIC. All herb/root/oil products from Big Liz Conjure are available as Conjure Colognes.

They are made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. It can be used to anoint your Titty Gris, gris gris/mojo hand, poppets, or in other rituals; but the greatest thing is, you can wear it on yourself!

Product contains herbs, roots, alcohol, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used in my colognes.

Conjure Crystals (1 ounce)

All of my formulations are combined with soothing Sea Salts to be used as spiritual baths. You can soak in them, or pour them over you in the shower. Do not rinse off when exiting the bath/shower, and make sure you air dry. Let the bath ingredients become one with you for an optimal effect.

Conjure (Hoodoo) Oil

Oils have long been used in Conjure as part of petitions and spellwork. Workers use oils to work candles, anoint their clients, add to other workings, and even use on themselves.

Each of my Conjure Oils is made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. They can also be used in an oil burner, in candle work, or in other rituals. All herb/root/oil products from Big Liz Conjure are available as Conjure Oils.

Product contains herbs, roots, olive oil, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used in my oils.


Each Dust/Powder has a specific use:

Addle Brained: Used to confuse enemies and stop lies and gossip. 

Black Salt: Used to protect against cursing as well as in cursing spells. 

Goofer Dust: Use with caution. This dust should only be used if you intend your target great harm, illness, or death, and will not work if the spell is not justified. 

Peace Be Still (Peaceful Home) Powder: Used to prevent nightmares and promote peaceful relationships, both romantic and platonic.

Red Brick Dust: Used for spiritual protection, especially around property/thresholds. Protection Powder: Used in any protection spell/working to protect you from hexes, negative energy, and nasty people.

Fixed Candles

Fixed candles are often used when a spell needs to be worked over several days. These candles can last anywhere from five to seven days. They are fixed with applicable herbs, roots, dust, powders, and/or oils to complete the working. These candles are perfect for the inexperienced practitioner who wants a completed product to conduct their spellwork, or an experienced practitioner that may not have the time to hand make their own lights due to their client load.

Once the candle completes its burn, the residue can also be divined for indicators that the problem is solved, more in-depth information, or that additional spellwork is needed.

Handmade Mojo Bags

Order these hand-made, flannel bags to create your own Mojo Bag workings. Choose from red, green, black, blue, or purple according the mojo's intent.

Each bag comes with a piece of twine. It should be tired using a traditional loop to tie a Mojo Bag.

Mini Spell Kits

When you want to perform a small ritual, our mini spell kits are perfect! Use a piece of the kit each day, or use all the pieces together in a ritual.

Mojo Bags (Empty)

Order these hand-made, flannel bags to create your own Mojo Bag workings. Choose from red, green, black, blue, white, yellow, brown, pink, or purple according your mojo's intent. Please select the color(s) you want using the drop down menu.

Each bag comes with a piece of twine. It should be tired using a traditional loop to tie a Mojo Bag. 

Mojo Bags (Fixed - Regular and XXX Strength)

These are ready to use Mojo Bags filled with Big Liz Conjure formulations. Each flannel bag is traditionally named and colored to represent the condition you are addressing. They are also traditionally looped - not tied - so that you may add your personal concerns/curios if you wish to do so.

Order the XXX version, and a lil' sumpthin' sumpthin' will be added to the bag to increase its power.

Sachet Powders

Sachet powders have a history in Conjure that can be traced back to Africa. Powders and dusts were not just used for foot rack magic, but in other spellwork as well. My Sachet Powders can be blown according to the directions of a specific spell, applied to people, places and things, and the best part that it is magic in plain sight. All of my formulations come as sachet powders. Use them as part of the manifestation if your desires!

Titty Gris (Bosom Sachets)

I knew there was a problem when the gris-gris I placed in my bra fell out when I bent over. I thought it was securely wedged in my ample bosom, but somehow it fell out, and my working was gone! Before I could make another one, I started to wonder if maybe a smaller, pillow-like working, one that I could fit under my breast in my bra, would work better.

Through my research, I’ve found that the concept of a bosom sachet is nothing new in the Rootwork/Hoodoo tradition, but for some reason they are not as popular as they used to be.

I decided to bring sexy back, so to speak. Each Titty-Gris is designed to be small and powerful. I’ve researched the strongest roots and herbs needed for each job and designed each one for the utmost discretion. They are small enough to fit under your breast in your bra, ensuring that it will stay in place next to your skin. They are made of satin for comfort and luxury.

Item size is approx. 2 x 2 inches.


Waters are traditionally used in Conjure for cleansing. Use our waters for their traditional purposes, or create a use for them that is all your own! Big Liz Waters are not as fragrant as Colognes, but they get the job done, and are preferred by people with scent sensitivities.

Traditional Waters

Florida Water: A traditional must-have cleanser often used to clean altars and homes. 
Lavender Water: A calming water that is used to reduce stress, help you think clearly, and make you more receptive to love.
Peace (Be Still) Water: Used to cleanse angry energies and conjure peace in spaces and places. 
Rose Water: Rose Water traditionally used to expel negative energy and/or to attract love. 
Van Van: Traditionally used to make a spell more powerful. Also used for cleansing and good luck.

Big Liz Waters come in all of the formulations above.

Workin’ Roots

Workin’ Roots have an endless variety of magical purposes. You can use them to work candles. Create your own spiritual baths, custom oils, floor washes, mojo bags, powders, dolls, gris gris and other rituals! Each Workin' Roots formulation is made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. A box of my Workin Roots is enough to work several candles and take a spiritual bath. Product contains herbs, roots, olive oil, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used in my Workin' Roots!

Fine Print/Legal Disclaimer all Magical Practitioners have to use: 
For entertainment purposes only. All items sold as curios.

Big Liz Conjure is not responsible for any results, legal actions, or allergic reactions as a result of using these products.

Please call me at 614-434-6488 or email me at to ask me about any allergy concerns. All of my products contain herbs, roots, olive oil, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used in my products.

Note: Due to time constraints, some of the items in this document may not exist on the website, or may be on the website and not in this document. I try to update both simultaneously, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. If you need a product I do not seem to carry, custom formulations are available.

I am adding new products, herbs, roots, and formulations every day. If you see something on this list that is not on the website, please call me at 614.434.6488 or email me at      


Product Types and Instructions

Below are some simple instructions and information about the products I sell. All natural, non-toxic ingredients are used in my Conjure products unless otherwise noted. These products should not be ingested for any reason. You are using these products at your own risk. 

Contact me before purchasing and using these products if you have allergies of any type. 

** While I fully believe in the power of the Root, these products are sold for entertainment purposes only. I am legally required to tell you that the traditions discussed below are the alleged properties of these products, and no guarantees are made that they will work 100% of the time. **

Conjure Oils

Conjure oils have been used traditionally to dress (“fix”) candles and anoint people and sacred objects. They can also be used in an oil burner or in other rituals/spell-work. You can also wear Conjure oils for a specific purpose. Some oils bring things like love, money, or visions to you. Some oils, like hex breaking and hot foot oils, are used to make conditions/people go away.

Mojo bags, money, cash registers, cars, and many other objects can be anointed with oil. It is important to know your allergies and do a small test on your skin before applying Conjure oil to your skin. Oils with lots of cinnamon can burn the skin. (Don’t ask me how I know this…) Ask before you order or use Conjure oils on your skin if you are concerned about sensitivity issues. Each Conjure Oil is made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. All of my Conjure oils are made from natural, herbs, roots, and essential oils.

Conjure Colognes

My Conjure Colognes are another way to perform magic in plain sight! Wear my conjure colognes to produce the desired effect in your life. Not only are they magic, they SMELL FANTASTIC. All herb/root/oil products from Big Liz Conjure are available as Conjure Colognes.

They are made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. It can be used to anoint your Titty Gris, Gris Gris/Mojo Bags, Poppets, or in other rituals; but the greatest thing is, you can wear it on yourself!

Divinations (Tarot, Playing Cards, and Lenormand)

Do you have a question, or situation, regarding love, relationships, career, or any other concern? Receive a card reading report (PDF download with images, MP3, or Video of me reading your cards via email), or have a teleconference with me via phone, or Zoom videoconference.

All readings are confidential. A clear question/focus helps provide clearer answers. There are various divinations available on this website. 

In accordance with state and federal laws, I must note that all readings are for entertainment purposes only, are not intended for use for medical and legal issues, and each reading includes a disclaimer.

Please follow all of the instructions on the website. Be sure to include your question(s), phone number email address, and preferred reading method in the Order Comments section when you are purchasing your divination.

Florida Water

Florida Water is spiritual cologne used traditionally for protection and spiritual cleansing. It is also used to attract spirits. In Conjure, is has become a multi-purpose cologne that can also be used for luck. It is considered a unisex fragrance, but because of its floral nature, women like to wear it in addition to using it for spell work. My youngest niece is CRAZY about it. Many say that it is a natural anti-depressant, so strain it, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on and around you to lift your spirits.

Many rituals advise you to use Florida Water to cleanse altars and ritual items. It can be lit during spell work, but this should be done with extreme caution and setting fires like these are not recommended indoors. Use Florida Water in this manner at your own risk!

My Florida Water is made from scratch using all natural ingredients. You can place it in open bowls around your home (being careful to keep it out of the reach of children and pets because it contains grain alcohol and essential oils that should not be ingested). The longer it sits, the stronger the smell becomes. I have a bottle that is over a year old, and it gets more amazing every time I uncork the bottle! I like use it as linen spray as well.

Peace Water

Traditionally it is said that wherever someone walks through Peace Water, they will feel its effects. Use this water to spray or pour on people places and things when you seek peace. You can shake it and pray during moments of stress and anxiety. You can spray it in the four corners of your rooms. You can pour it around the house for a peaceful barrier, and you can use it for peace workings, in cleansings, and whenever else Peace Water is appropriate in a ritual.

Doll Babies (Voodoo Dolls/ Poppets)

Traditional Doll Babies (Poppets/Voodoo dolls) can be used in sympathetic magic for all types of cursing, blessing, love, and reconciliation work. Each doll is stuffed with organic cotton, and the herbs and roots needed for the appropriate condition. These dolls are closed, dressed with whiskey, and prayed over for the proper intent. 

You can purchase open poppets to work yourself may send personal concerns to me for insertion into the poppet. You may also send personal concerns such as t-shirts to use for constructing the doll baby.  If I construct the doll for you, then I will also provide detailed instructions on how to work it.

Flannel Mojo Bags ~ Mojo Hands

Order these hand-made, flannel bags to create your own Mojo Bag workings. Choose from red, green, black, blue, or purple according the mojo's intent. Talk to the roots and tell them your petition and pray over it when it is complete. 

Use one of my Conjure Colognes or Oils to dress/fix the bag. Once you’ve created your bag with the appropriate roots, herbs, and curios (an odd number of items is suggested), keep it next to your skin for at least a week. Then just keep the bag on you in your pocket or in your purse. Avoid letting people see your mojo bag, and definitely do not let them touch it. If someone sees your bag, simply feed it by redressing it.

If this happens, the bag is no longer active, and it should be left at the crossroads. Remember to take it out and pray with it so that it continues to serve its purpose. Some people say that you should refresh the roots and herbs in the bag once a year. You should also cleanse whatever curios are in the bag if you’d like to reactivate them in a new bag with new herbs and roots. I judge whether or not a bag needs to be replaced if I can no longer smell the herbs and roots that are in the bag.

If it gets wet or dirty, remember it is a sacred item, and it should be properly disposed of at the crossroads and replaced. You can buy empty flannel mojo bags to work yourself, or I can create a custom bag for you based on your needs and my divination that helps to fine tune its purpose. Each bag comes with a piece of twine. It should be tired using a traditional loop to tie a Mojo Bag.

Sachet Powders

Sachet Powders are traditionally blown to remove bad/evil in your space. They can also be used to attract good. The use of your powder depends on its purpose. You can blow these powders in four corners of a room, or on your threshold, to remove undesirable things from your space. 

Dust yourself with my Sachet Powders to attract positive things to you. Powders for love and romance should be applied in areas where you are sure your lover will smell them. Sprinkle some in your lingerie drawers as well. Dust your money and bank cards with powders designed to attract wealth and prosperity. Sprinkle paper resumes with powders for success, getting a job, and career growth.

Spiritual Baths ~ Crystal & Herbal Baths

Spiritual baths can be taken in several ways and over several days. You should divide the bath into equal portions for the number of days that it is to be used. Then simply place one of the portions directly into a bath (a shower, if you have not recently done so, is suggested before soaking in a spiritual bath) and soak until the water becomes cool.

You can also brew the bath salts/herbal baths in hot water, strain them, allow them to cool to a comfortable temperature (Never douse yourself in hot water. It does not add power to the bath, and you could burn yourself.), and pour it over you. You can even brew it, strain it, and put it in a spray bottle for on the go use. If you choose this option, I suggest that you do small batches because the herbs, roots, and oils in these baths are all natural and are perishable.

Most baths should be poured on you in a head to toe fashion. You should AIR DRY after pouring the bath on you. Never towel dry the bath off your body. Depending on the purpose of the bath, some baths should be taken at night before bed, and some should be taken at dawn. Any time you take a spiritual bath, you should save some of it.

Get up at dawn, take it to the crossroads, and throw it to the east while praying/reciting Bible verses applicable to your petition. As you return inside, do not look back at the crossroads where you disposed of your bath.

Titty Gris ™ ~ Bosom Sachets

I created Titty Gris because I have an “ample bosom.” There is not enough room in my bra to hold a traditional Gris~Gris, and they kept falling out. All it takes is for one person to think they are being nice and pick it up for you, and you are out of your charm.

Before I could make another Gris~Gris, I started to wonder if maybe a smaller, pillow-like working, one that I could fit under my breast in my bra, would work better. Through my research, I found that the concept of a bosom sachet is nothing new in the Hoodoo tradition, but for some reason they are not as popular as they used to be.

I decided to bring sexy back, so to speak. Each Titty~Gris is designed to be small and powerful. I have researched the strongest roots and herbs needed for each job and designed each one for the utmost discretion. They are small enough to fit under your breast in your bra, ensuring that it will stay in place next to your skin. They are made of satin for comfort and luxury. Each one is prayed over and dressed with its corresponding Titty~Gris Conjure Cologne.

Workin’ Roots

My Workin’ Roots are the custom blends used in my products. Sometimes you want to create a working yourself, but you do not have the access and/or desire to accumulate large amounts of the roots that are needed for the job. You can use my Workin’ Roots for candle work, mojo hands, sachets, powders, and oils of your very own. I’ve taken the guess work out of many Conjure purposes so you can concentrate on your rituals, spell work, and workings.