Beginner Witch "Book" (Medium and Large (PRE-ORDER)

Beginner Witch "Book" (Medium and Large (PRE-ORDER)

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These boxes are one of a kind, take 10-15 business days to ship, and the boxes' pictures are EXAMPLES. These boxes are one of a kind. Each one of them contains the herbs, roots, resins, oils, and other altar tools that will come in handy for a beginning witch!

These boxes are one of a kind. Each box contains the following herbs, roots & minerals (* = in medium boxes, ** = in large box, *** = In extra–large box), however, the type of products in each box may vary depending on availability.

We are not going to hold up your box because an herb, root, or oil is unavailable. We will make appropriate magical substations only when absolutely necessary:

  • Black Salt spirit summoning, drive away evil, cursing
  • Calamuscommanding & remove sex hexes
  • Cayenne – make an enemy go away, cause confusion in your enemy's home

  • Comfrey Leaves – peaceful, safe travel & gambling luck
  • Damiana – love drawing, improves sex life, bring a straying lover back*
  • Devil’s Shoestring – protection from enemies
  • Eucalyptus – remove bad habits, healing, remove evil*
  • Fenugreek – draws money to your home*
  • Five Finger Grass – gambling luck, gaining favor, money drawing
  • Grains of Paradise – protection, luck, wish granting
  • High John Root – mastery & power

  • Horehound – protection, mental clarity, stimulates creativity, balances personal energies *
  • Hyssop – spiritual cleansing, clearing bad conditions at home
  • Jasmine – increases psychic power, love drawing*
  • Licorice Root – controlling, domination, commanding*
  • Mugwort – psychic power, safe travel
  • Nettle – removes jinxes, cleansing, uncrossing**
  • Pennyroyal – jinx breaking, clears domestic issues in the home**
  • Periwinkle – love drawing (marriage), peace *
  • Patchouli – love drawing, marital harmony, improve sex life, remove jinxes**
  • Poke root – purification, finding lost objects, breaking hexes and curses, increase courage*
  • Rue – protection, reversal, cleansing
  • St. John’s Wort – health, protection, strength, love, divination, happiness**
  • Saltpeter – jinx breaking, make a man impotent, cleansing**
  • Stevia Leaf – sweetening
  • Woodruffmastery, power, influence, pain relief
Resins in your box
  • Frankincense – purification, protection, strength, health
  • Myrrh – spirituality, meditation, healing
  • Copal – healing, protection, activating the psychic circuitry
  • Benzoin – prosperity & purification
Oils in your box
Oils are used for anointing magical tools, altars and spaces, cleansing and opening them before spells and rituals are performed.  
  • Medium and large boxes contain 4 essential oils
The type of essential oil in each box will vary depending on availability
  • Cedarwood – healing, protection, purification, luck money
  • Eucalyptus – health, healing, and purification**
  • Frankincense – strength, health, purification, and protection 
  • Lavender – psychic development, healing, love, money, protection, purification, tranquility, divination, dreams, sleep
  • Peppermint – healing, love, money, prosperity, protection, psychic development, purification, sleep, divination, success, transformation*
Additional items in your box
  • Altar cloth – used in sacred areas as protection during ritual and ceremonies
  • Buckeyes (2) – increase the bearer's sexual power, attracts good fortune
  • Snakeskin – healing, renewal, protection, rebirth, sex and sexuality, hexing and or cursing, power, change and transformation, removal
  • Redbrick dust – protect you and your home from enemies
  • A Crystal of our choice
  • Mojo bag – personal talisman worn or carried to bring love, prosperity, protection or luck w/pentagram charm – harmony, protection, eternity, infinity, represents the 5 elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit
  • Rose cone incense – sacred energy, open the heart, stimulate psychic gifts, romantic love, self–love
  • Rose dupe sticks – sacred energy, open the heart, stimulate psychic gifts, romantic love, self–love**
  • Chime candles – medium box: 6, large box: 8 
  • Chime candle holder – medium box: 1, large box: 2
  • Florida water 1.7 oz 
Note: Substitutions may and will be made if a particular item listed is not available. If you are allergic to something in this box, or in general. please contact us BEFORE purchasing it so that we can find an applicable substitute. 

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