Big Liz's Conjure Colognes
2 Oz. Conjure Cologne Splash

Big Liz's Conjure Colognes

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My Conjure Colognes are another way to perform magic in plain sight! Wear my conjure colognes to produce the desired effect in your life. Not only are they magic, they SMELL FANTASTIC. MOST herb/root/oil products from Big Liz Conjure are available as Conjure Colognes. Some, such as Extradite Yo Ass, should not be used on the body, and therefore are not offered as Conjure Colognes

They are made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. It can be used to anoint your Titty Gris, gris gris/mojo hand, poppets, or in other rituals; but the greatest thing is, you can wear it on yourself!

Product contains herbs, roots, alcohol, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used in my colognes.

Big Liz's Conjure Colognes are available in ALL formulations.

Click HERE to review all of my formulations and product instructions!

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