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All of my formulations are combined with soothing Sea Salts to be used as spiritual baths. You can soak in them, or pour them over you in the shower. Do not rinse off when exiting the bath/shower, and make sure you air dry. Let the bath ingredients become one with you for an optimal effect. 

How to use my Spiritual Soaps

When using Spiritual Soaps, it's OK to rinse, but still air dry.
  1. Make sure that you are clean before administering the bath. 
    • Shower Option
      • Rinse off in the shower before sudsing yourself with my Spiritual Soap.
      • Then use the spiritual soap to bathe yourself with the drain closed while speaking your petition.
    • Bath Option
      • Rinse off in the shower before running your bath. 
      • Run a very warm bath, and pour the Conjure Crystals in the bath.
      • Soak in the tub until the water becomes cool. 
  2. Gather some of the water from your spiritual bath in a container.
  3. Take it away from your home.
  4. Dispose of it at a 4-way crossroad while facing east and speaking your petition.
  5. Turn around and go home without looking back. 
It is traditional to take spiritual baths at dawn so that you are undisturbed and not distracted while performing the ritual. A spiritual bath can be conducted once a week or over several days of the week. We suggest doing it once a week for maintenance, or at least 3 times in a row if you are addressing a condition. 7 days may be done for difficult situations.

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