Giant Herbal Bath Ball (5.25 inches)

Giant Herbal Bath Ball (5.25 inches)

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In my Rootwork 101 class, I showed my students how to use these for their ritual baths. They asked me did I stock them, so I did! 

Gently twist the ball open, insert Workin' Roots, and place them in a pot of hot water or extremely warm bath to steep. 

Let the water cool off to reduce the risk of burning yourself before using. 

If you do a pour over bath, take the ball out your vessel before pouring your spiritual bath over you. If bathing in the tub, you can leave it in there with you until you are done. 

This keeps herbs and roots from clogging your plumbing. Just pop the whole ball in a small container (with some of the bathwater) for taking the remnants of the bath to the crossroads for disposal!

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