Powders and Dusts

Each Dust/Powder has a specific use:

  • Addle Brained: Used to confuse enemies and stop lies and gossip.

  • Black Salt: Used to protect against cursing as well as in cursing spells.

  • Goofer Dust: Use with caution. This dust should only be used if you intend your target great harm, illness, or death, and will not work if the spell is not justified.

  • Peace Be Still (Peaceful Home) Powder: Used to prevent nightmares and promote peaceful relationships, both romantic and platonic.

  • Red Brick Dust: Used for spiritual protection, especially around property/thresholds.Protection Powder: Used in any protection spell/working to protect you from hexes, negative energy, and nasty people.
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Beginner Witch Box (PRE-ORDER)
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Bentonite Clay Powder - 1 Ounce
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Big Liz's 7 Day Spell Kits
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Big Liz's Sachet Powders
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Home Blessing Kit
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Hot Foot Powder ~ 1 ounce
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Mini Spell Kits
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Red Brick Dust
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Rose Powder (4 oz. Jar)
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Saltpeter Powder
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Somebody's Gonna Get It ~ 1 ounce Goofer Dust
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