Punani Proverbs: Prompts, Prayer, Ritual (Womb Healing Workbook - Paperback)
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Punani Proverbs: Prompts, Prayer, Ritual (Womb Healing Workbook - Paperback)

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Dear Goddess,

Whatever your unique journey, the time has come to embrace yourself! Like the punani, none of us is born quite exactly the same, each with our own preferences, needs, and ways of expression, and with that it is an honor to walk on this Earth with one, though the burdens at times do seem numerous. I have found time and again that those of us with punanis, wombs, womb spaces, (I will call us “womb bearers”) tend to be filled with misinformation and depressing untruths about our own bodies! 

We are taught what we have is shameful and that being too inquisitive is useless and devilish and sluttish. With this workbook, I hope you will reach forth and find out just who you are, and how exciting that is. Invite one of the most powerful and inspiring parts of our physical body--the womb! Reach deep and start making connections throughout your life to gain more answers...this workbook is only a beginning tool for a larger journey.

As more people reclaim the wise ancient ways and mix them with the innovative and sustainable modern ones, the future on Earth becomes a safer and more peaceful place to be. Your journey is for you, but it is also for your descendents and all of the lives you touch along the way.Use this workbook however you like--worked from front to back, perused through and used at leisure, or perhaps open at random and work in that way. Whatever you choose, allow this tool to work with you as you grow in your self love and knowledge.

Peace on your path, Tahtahme Nehandas Xero

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