Rapid Fire! Hot Foot Powder ~ 1 ounce (Jesse Owens Edition)

Rapid Fire! Hot Foot Powder ~ 1 ounce (Jesse Owens Edition)

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A while back, I led a Conjure group on a visit to Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. We visited the graves of several Black dignitaries, and respectfully asked and paid when we wanted to take a bit of dirt. 

Jesse Owen's grave was in one of the most lovely parts of the cemetery, and we actually stayed there for a long time talking. I taught my child how important he was to us, and how Hitler refused to shake his hand at the 1936 Olympics.** I told him that I wanted to be able to help people who needed help in a hurry, and his spirit was fine with me doing so.

I recently had a client who really needed to make an adversary leave them alone quickly. As I was making the Hot Foot Powder, Jesse reminded me that I was holding onto something special. Things have a tendency to be not so special if you don't share them, so I made a big batch, and I included some of the dirt from that visit. 

Use this Special Edition of my Hot Foot recipe to get work done in a HURRY!!! I am going to limit the sales to what is in this jar. I will offer it again from time to time if someone has a need, but I am not able to get this dirt very often, nor do I plan to abuse his kind generosity.

I hope that is it a blessing to you!

*Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only. NOT FOR CONSUMPTION*

**Revisionist history says Jesse was not snubbed directly, but this is from his daughter, and I believe her. http://www.timesofisrael.com/80-years-on-jesse-owens-daughter-adamant-he-didnt-shake-hitlers-hand/

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