Somebody's Gonna Get It ~ 1 ounce Goofer Dust

Somebody's Gonna Get It ~ 1 ounce Goofer Dust

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Think of it as Goofer Dust with an extra kick.

Use Goofer Dust with CAUTION. Goofer Dust should only be used if you intend your target great harm, illness, or death.
I personally do not believe that a Goofer spell will work if the spell is not justified, but you are responsible for the consequences of your actions.  (#justsaying)

Pictured: Whole ingredients. The product is in dust form when delivered to you.

Use it for spellwork on someone as foul as this smells. It can be put in container spells, ground up for use in foot track spells, or in workings (e.g., stuffed in a doll of your favorite enemy's personal concerns (such as their hair or the dirt from their foot tracks) before you bury it. 

*Sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only. NOT FOR CONSUMPTION*

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