Workin' Roots Sunburst Sampler

Workin' Roots Sunburst Sampler

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Ackrite! (Do as I Say)
Addle Brained! (Confuse Enemies/Stop Gossip & Lies)
Bitch, Bye! (St. Felicia's Cut & Clear)
Bitch Betta Have My Money!
Bitch, Please! (Protection)
Black Power! [+$3.00]
Booty Call (Lust & Sex)
Bright Eyed! (Clarity & Discernment)
Bring Me Bae! (Manifest a Mate)
Broke No Mo’! (Money & Prosperity)
Catch Dem' Coins (Fast Money)
Chill Pill (Tranquility & Peace)
Clapback! (Reverse a Hex)
Ever After (Manifest Marriage Proposal) [+$2.00]
Extradite Yo' Ass! (Banishment)
F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself - Self Love)
Family Affair (Family Harmony, Healing & Peace)
Feelin’ Good! (Health and Wellness)
Flawless (Crown of Success)
Florida Water
Forget Me Not! (Memory Boosting)
Get off Yo' Ass! (Stop Procrastination)
Grip Sack (Safe Travel)
Heal My Heart (Broken Heart Healing) [+$3.00]
Hoe No Mo! (Fidelity/Stop a Cheater)
Infinity & Beyond (Astral Projection)
In da' Black! (Better Business)
Insubordination (Boss Fix)
No 5-0! (Keep Law at Bay)
Nose Opener (Romantic Attraction)
On My Grind! (Find & Keep a Job)
Paige’s Baby Blessing
Peace Be Still! (Peaceful Home)
Policy Pimp (Fast Luck & Gambling)
Poppin' My Collar! (Confidence & Strength)
Pussy Whipped! (Marital Harmony & Faithfulness)
Read Yo' Ass for Filth! (Third Eye)
Rehab (Break Bad Habits)
Retrograde Aid (Clear Communication) [+$2.00]
Reunited - Platonic Reconciliation
Reunited - Romantic Reconciliation [+$2.00]
Rise Up! (Depression Relief) [+$2.00]
Scott Free! (Court Case)
Shut Thee Entire Fuck UP! (Tapa Boca/Stop Lies & Gossip)
Side Eye! (Stop Evil Eye)
Speak to Me (Relationship Communication)
Suga' Daddy (Cleo May – Make Men Pay)
Undone! (Unhexing/Uncrossing)
Wash Over Me! (13 Herb Cleansing)
Watch Over Me! [+$3.00]
Way Maker (Road Opener)
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We all know that natural herbs and roots can lose their effectiveness if they sit unused for too long. Not everyone wants to have a full stock of conjuring roots around, but you may want to cast the occasional spell. My Workin' Roots Sunburst Sampler is the answer for you! 

Each Workin' Roots formulation is made according to traditional Rootwork plant correspondences. Workin' Roots have an endless variety of magical purposes. You can use them to work candles. Create your own spiritual baths, custom oils, floor washes, mojo bags, powders, dolls, gris gris and other rituals! 

I sent a prototype to a client to see how she liked it and she said, "All of those yummy herbs are gonna keep me busy for awhile, and I also loved the way you packaged them. That is going to be a big seller!"

You can choose EIGHT (8)* of the following formations (and yes, you can have more than one compartment of the same herb/root): 

Click HERE to review all of my formulations and product instructions!


For entertainment purposes only. Please message me with any allergy concerns.

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